Solar ATM & Corporate Lighting Systems

Solar ATM Solutions are designed to provide maximum uplink to the Banking System and minimum possibility of downtime. These systems are the only and best solution to the ATM network. They provide power to the ATM Machine and its connected equipment plus security system and lighting 24/7. Branch Lighting and Solar Power Solutions are most feasible that provide power to the complete Branch including the lights, cash machines, computers and required Air conditioning.
We are proud to be partners with JS Bank and Summit Bank for the Solar ATM and Branch Power Solutions.
Other Systems that fall under this Corporate Solution Office setups that may require Power upto 25-50 KVa.
Applications: Banks, Beauty Parlors, Shops. Offices, Schools.etc.

We also provide technical expertise in supplying energy efficient and energy saving lighting products including LED lights and Solar street lights. Our products are all in one Light System fitted with Solar Panel, LED bulb, charge controller, long life battery and installation fittings. All light products have ABS (all weather proof) construction and are water proof (IP65 compliant). Operating temperatures ranges between –25°C and +65°C which makes these lights very suitable for outside installation in all types of weather.