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Designing & Energy Audits

We offer full support to our customer from the initial levels to the utmost operational levels. To start with we carry out Energy Audits and Surveys of the site so that better economical, redundant and yet top of the line design can be provided for the possible Solar Power System. Our Energy Audit not only provides a clear way for the Solar System implementation but we also provide an insight as to where the cleint can save energy and at the same tirne money to minimize the utility bills. We also recommend retrofits and replacements to the available set up so the the connecting load for both the grid and solar alternate arrangement come to a lower power, enabling the operation on the alternate systern to come to a lower power in design and cost. Our Solar Panels Survey is carried out in such manner as to utilize minimum roof space and yet installing high power Solar Array on small areas. This is yet a new scop of work in this industry.