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Commercial Systems

Common Features;

  • Pay backs in less than 1 year.
  • Monitoring of complete production, consumption and savings.
  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • System backed up by a complete warranty package
  • All connected load will be powered during the day through Solar while evenings will be supported with Grid and Battery as required.
  • Acts as a UPS during the night in case of Power failures.

At Shams Energy we take proper care of our customer needs and requirements. With the ever growing energy problems and crisis in Pakistan, we offer clean, and trouble free energy solutions to the business community so that each day at work you achieve milestones as never before.

Our State of the art Solar Powered Systems are integrated with Hi Tech Hybrid Inverters and UPS to power up the office equipment and ensure power saving along with redundant equipment and reliability.


Shams Energy offers state of the Art Solar ATM and Security Systems for the Banks and Corporate sector.
Paybacks in less than 12 months

Our Solar ATM Solutions are the most economical in the market backed by a complete warranty package.
Your investment is returned within a year and the Solar Systems operate trouble free and without any hassle for years to come. So that the Solar Solutions becomes one of the wisest steps taken in a business life.
For details call now so that our representative will visit and provide you with our plan and way forward.